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Network FP has designed and created a range of useful tools, formats, calculators and templates which can be used by Personal Financial Advisors in their practice. This collection of tools can be accessed and downloaded by Network FP ProMembers by logging in with their username and password on this website.

Network FP keeps adding new tools and calculators on a regular basis. There is no fixed interval to it. We add tools whenever we develop something internally or one of ProMembers contributes some tool to the community.

The current set of tools which are available for ProMembers are as follows;


List of Files in Network FP ToolBox

SN File Name Format Purpose / How to Use File Category
1 A Guide for Helping Investors Overcome Behavioral Obstacles PDF Various pointers to analyse our behaviour and some ways to handle them, provided by Morning Star. Practice Management
2 A Guide for creating Investment Policy Statement PDF Elements of an investment policy statement for indiviual investor, provided by CFA institute. Practice Management
3 Action Plan Excel A template to provide Action Plan to be taken by clients after recommendation of Products to them. Customize it to suit your requirements. Contributed by Tivesh Shah FP Tool
4 AMFI Questionnaire for Due Diligence Word Big MF Distributors are supposed to fill this questionnaire and get their Practices audited by AMFI. All MF Advisors can voluntarily fill this and check if they are following MF Advisory best practices. Practice Management
5 Assets, Liabilities & Networth Statement Excel Use this Template & Calculator to capture and organize assets and liabilties of clients and calculate the Networth. This is one fo the best ways to help clients get started with advisors. FP Tool
6 Basic Will Sample Word Sample format for basic will writing. Contributed by Hinal Kuvadia. FP Tool
7 Checklist for Setting Up Successful Advisory Practice Excel Use this checklist while you are setting up your practice or want to transition yourself to the level of a successful financial advisor Practice Management
8 Child Education & Marriage calculator Excel Use this calculator for children future goal planning. Only have to put details like age, inflation, return, goal, current value, age in grey coloured boxes and you can fetch other details in prensentable format. FP Tool
9 CKYC Individual Form PDF Use this ckyc editable form for centralized repository of KYC records of customers in the financial sector with uniform KYC norms and inter-usability of the KYC records across the sector with an objective to reduce the burden of producing KYC documents and getting those verified every time when the customer creates a new relationship with a financial entity. (Contributed by Rohit Shah) Regulatory
10 Data Collection Sheet for Making Will Excel Use this Data Collection Sheet in making a Will for your client. The data captured here will help you to draft a Will without missing on critical points. Contributed by Archana Bhingarde FP Tool
11 Disclaimer for Financial Plan Word Sample disclaimer for financial planning report. You can also customize it to suit your requirements.Contributed by Hinal Kuvadia. Regulatory
12 Disclaimer for Website Word Sample disclaimer for website. You can also customize it to suit your requirements. Contributed by Hinal Kuvadia. Regulatory
13 Emergency Funds Calculator Excel Generate a quick one page report of Emergency fund requirements for your clients FP Tool
14 Emergency Kit Template Excel Prepare a Kit for your clients or let them do it themselves – a kit containing all important information required for other family members in case of a emergency. FP Tool
15 Existing Investments Review Format Excel Use this template to capture and review all past investments and insurance policies. It is one of the best ways to onboard new clients. Can also be offered as a standalone service. FP Tool
16 Family Vision Statement Template Word Enter your shared vision in each of the areas. Discuss it with your spouse. Write down your family’s ideal scenario in each area, what you want to accomplish in each of the area FP Tool
17 Financial Goals Articulator Template Excel A checklist of possible goals of your client. Help them recognize and articulate their goals and dreams in life FP Tool
18 Financial Wellbeing Checkup Questionnaire Excel A questionnaire which you can give to your clients to help them and you know where they stand in terms of financial wellbeing. FP Tool
19 Financial Ratios Excel List of Financial Ratios to be used individually or inside a Financial Plan to check various parameters on clients Financial Health. Contributed by Hinal Kuvadia FP Tool
20 Goal & Dreams List & Matrix Word Get a deeper understanding of client’s goals and dreams in terms of priority and time-horizon. An excellent tool during data gathering meeting or first time meeting. FP Tool
21 Goal Planning Calculator Excel Calculate Future Value of any goal and calculate SIP or Lumpsum investments required to meet that goal. FP Tool
22 Gratuity Calculator Excel Calculate how much gratuity amount will be receivable to client at the time of retirement, termination, etc. Input the details cells marked by light red background and get the output of the same.Contributed by Tivesh Shah FP Tool
23 House Purchase Calculator Excel Calculate the future value of house, home loan eligibilty, ideal loan/down payment combination and investments required to purchase a house at a future date FP Tool
24 Income Tax Calculator FY 2017-18 Excel One of the most popular calculators of Network FP since 2011. Use this calculator or share it with your clients to calculate income tax liability and also income tax ratio. FP Tool
25 Income Tax Expemtions & Deductions Word Plan for your client’s taxes in April using this user-friendly tool. Help your clients make the best use of all the exemptions and deductions available by running through this checklist. FP Tool
26 Investment Advisory Process Chart Word Use this chart for streamling advisory process and for designing this process you can also utilise tools like risk profile format, recommendation sheet & disclaimer. Practice Management
27 Letter by Priya_Things I Learnt after Mithun Word A Real Life Case Study – A finely drafted letter by Priya on Importance of and getting invloved in managing family finances by Women. Share it with all women, great impact. General
28 Letter of Engagement Word Template for points to be included while taking a client on board Practice Management
29 Letter of Engagement (2) Word Template for points to be included while taking a client on board Practice Management
30 Letter to HR for IAP PDF A sample letter drafted for communication with the HR, after the initial meeting, to confirm and set-up the IAP. Getting Business
31 Life Insurance Need Calculator Excel Calculation of Total Life Insurance Cover required based on Need based Analysis, the most logical way of arriving at Term Life Insurance requirement FP Tool
32 Liquid funds VS Savings Account Folder Pictures, pdf’s, etc materials to be utilised for client education. Getting Business
33 Loan Amortisation Calculator Excel This is a revised version for calculating the EMI for the loan and the repayment schedule, alongwith total payments, interest, principal and additional prepayments made in a C.Y. or a F.Y. One can use this to understand cashflows and check possibilities of part payment and the max. interest amount that can be considered in a F.Y. for tax benefits on a Home Loan. FP Tool
34 Master XLFP Lite Excel Create one page financial plan in under 1 Hour. Short, simple & effective! FP Tool
35 Masterclasses PPTs Folder PPTs shared by speakers of Masterclasses, with their permissions. Practice Management
36 MF Direct Plans Fees calculator Excel This calculator is being designed to help us calculate fees for managing Client`s MF portfolio of Direct Plans, against the Regular Plans, on the basis of Returns on the Portfolio.Contributed by Tivesh Shah Practice Management
37 Monthly Expense Tracker & Budgeting Excel Prepare annual and monthly cash flows for your client in quick time. Or share this with your clients to help them prepare and track monthly budgeting. FP Tool
38 NISM-Series-X-A-Investment Adviser (Level 1) Certification Examination Workbook PDF Study material for NISM X-A Investment Adviser Level 1 Exam for the RIA Education Qualification criteria. Study Matl
39 NISM-Series-X-B-Investment Adviser (Level 2) Certification Examination Workbook PDF Study material for NISM X-B Investment Adviser Level 2 Exam for the RIA Education Qualification criteria. Study Matl
40 Recommedation Format Excel A Template to provide Recommendations for Fresh Insurance & Investment products to your client. Customize it to suit your requirements. Contributed by Tivesh Shah FP Tool
41 Retirement Corpus Building Calculator Excel Calculate how much retirement corpus is required by the client and how much SIP or Lumpsum investments are requirement be needed to build that corpus. FP Tool
42 Retirement Corpus Utilization Calculator Excel This Calculator shows the Graph and Cashflows table of Utilization of Retirement Corpus from Retirment Date to Life Expectancy. Very useful for Retiring and retired clients. FP Tool
43 Revenue Required Per Client Calculator Excel Calculate approximate costs of running your financial advisory practice. Then calculate how much should be average revenue per client. Contributed by Hemant Beniwal on NFP. Practice Management
44 Review Financial Plan – Asset Allocation based on Financial Goals Word Use this process of asset allocation based on financial goals while reviewing Financial Plans Practice Management
45 Risk Profiling Questionnaire and Calculator Excel Use this Excel tool to do risk profiling of clients. This comes with both a questionnaire and a calculating score with interpretation. Contributed by Anil Gulrajani on NFP. FP Tool
46 SEBI Investment Advisor Regulations 2013 PDF Read the Original draft of SEBI Investment Advisor Regulations 2013. First step towards becoming a SEBI RIA. Regulatory
47 SEBI RIA Filled Registration Form Sample PDF Go through this Sample of filled SEBI RIA Application Form. And use this as a guide while filling your own application form Regulatory
48 SEBI RIA Framework and Checklist Excel A very comprehensive checklist of systems & processes to have to comply by SEBI RIA regulations. Useful for those who are considering to register or already a SEBI RIA. Regulatory
49 SEBI RIA FAQs PDF Q&As on various terms and other clarifications on IA Regulations 2013 Regulatory
50 Sebi – RIA application form Cover Letter Word This is a sample cover letter to be used while applying for the SEBI RIA, for Individual. Regulatory
51 Sebi – RIA acceptance Cover Letter Word This is a sample cover letter to be used after receiving confirmation from SEBI on issuance of RIA license, for Individual. Regulatory
52 Sebi – RIA application form sample Word This is a sample application form with type of details required in the SEBI RIA application form, for Individual. Regulatory
53 Simplified Format of Investment Policy Statement Word The IPS will help decide the process and parameters for investment recommendations. You can customise it as per your requirement. Contributed by Hinal Kuvadia Practice Management
54 Wills & Trust PDF This file consists of Meaning, Importance, Terminologies, Trust, etc & also sample will format. You can utilise it for basic will writing. (Source CFA website) FP Tool

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