8 Tenets of Financial Life Planning

Tejal Gandhi has been using money quotient and it has helped her immensely in doing a holistic job of life planning. In keeping with the theme of ThinkTank which is “Ideas you can implement” we carry a preview from money quotient with feedback from a user this week by Ms. Tejal Gandhi, CEO & Founder, Money Matters is one of the Licensees of Money Quotient tools in India.

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How to handle Legacy Holdings of Client Portfolios?

Dealing with customer behavior is perhaps what makes us humans very different from Robo-advisors. The biases mentioned here are sure to ring a bell and remind you of a situation. Read on to know more emotional phenomenon to investments and financial planning by Joydeep Sen, Managing Partner, Sen & Apte Consulting Services LLP.

Published on Jul 13, 2017

Estimation of Debt Fund Returns

Is there a better way to estimating the future returns from debt funds? Well, if we understand how the investments work, there is a scientific way to estimation. Read on to article by NFP Thinktank columnist Amit Trivedi share his views on estimating debt fund returns with few easy formula’s which could help you in managing your clients investments.

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Markets And Performance Cycles Invariably… Do Valuations Matters At All?

When equity market is at this valuations, perennial question most of the advisor has is to invest or not to invest. Mr. Madhusudan is Head of Product Strategy at Principal PNB AMC Pvt Ltd shares his thoughts as to what he thinks about this situation. The insight prompts fiduciaries and financial advisors to exhibit prudence in the factoring higher current valuations in the overall exposure to equities and especially mid-cap stocks in client portfolios and implications for investors – The Winning Trifecta!!

Published on Jun 27, 2017

Summary of SEBI Consultation Paper to RIA Regulations – June 22

SEBI released yet another consultation paper on proposed amendments to RIA Regulations (The Paper is published below after these highlights) . SEBI for sure now wants both RIAs and MFDs to exist in the market and serve different kinds of investors. But want clear segregation between both. Below are some of the highlights from the paper for your quick understanding.

Published on Jun 23, 2017

Portfolio Review and Health Check-Ups: Similar Check-points

Do you really need to review your clients Portfolio? We all review plans at pre-designed intervals. It is something which is so intrinsic to our practice that one does not go into the whys and whens of this process? Joydeep Sen, Managing Partner, Sen & Apte Consulting Services LLP gives an interesting analogy between health check ups and portfolio reviews and some suggested best practices for client hand-holding.

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Investor Expectations – A Risk That Nobody Talks About

There are various different types of risk & return expectations by investors. Seth Klarman writes that risk is: “Described by both the probability and the potential amount of loss.” Risk is perceived in the eye of beholder. Amit Trivedi shares his thoughts on Risk & Returns with instances of investor expectations and what advisors should do for it.

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Investment in Dollars $$$ – Does it make sense?

Rupee is weak against a US dollar and holding money or investment in Dollar terms fetches more is a thought we hear day in day out. DV Suresh dig deeper to understand if it really makes sense for our clients to hold on to Dollar investments. He shares his thoughts on how NRI’s can benefit if they invest in India with proper guidance of financial advisors and repatriate the investment proceeds and still make decent returns. He makes a case with proper illustrations & with the history of Rupee Devaluation against US dollars.

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Why IFAs should read books? Suggested Books for IFAs

Have you always wanted a ready list of books to get started on to help you grow your business? Reading does to mind what exercise does to your body. Brijesh Dalmia shares his thoughts on being an effective reader and how it helps IFAs. Brijesh Dalmia has compiled a small list to get you started, do add your own choices in the comments.

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Direct Plans are Good for Intermediaries

Lot has been spoken about how the ‘direct plans’ are better for investors and a lot has been discussed how these plans will devour a flourishing industry (though a small one) of IFAs. If they are good for investors, how can they not be good for advisors? This small article will focus on that – How Direct Plans Are Good For The Intermediaries…At least in this battle between David (Direct) vs Goliath ( Regular) there in no one winner. Let’s read the perspective shared by Renu Maheshwari sharing her point of view in this article.

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