Fee for Advice is the journey which needs to be completed – SEBI

SEBI after its Board Meeting on January 14th released a Press Release which has brought a great relief to IFAs and Mutual Fund Distributors. Through this press release; regulator has acknowledged several ground realities like a need for co-existence of both advisory & distribution models, need for financial viability of advisory model, etc. Read on to know more about what might be the next step of SEBI and what next IFA’s should do by Sadique Neelgund, Founder of Network FP.

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20 Questions to Ask Yourself for Building a Sustainable Business Practice

As client relationships are becoming more complex, it is important for the advisors to have access to systems policies at the click of a button to enable them to access critical information and connect with clients more effectively and meaningfully. Dilshad Billimoria, Director of Dilzer Consultants Pvt Ltd shares her views on How Process Systems and Procedures help build a thorough fiduciary practice.

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Happy Client Engagements

We are sure, you would agree that one challenge we frequently face is how to demonstrate value in engagements. How to lead Happy Engagements? How does one set customer expectations and ensure delivery? Rohit Shah Shares beautiful thoughts. Read on for an insightful article “ The value of value” powered with relevant examples. And yes, don’t miss reading those stories inside till end.

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The EVOKE Experience

Suresh Sadagopan – Founder Ladder 7 Financial Advisories, writes about an experience of 5 days life planning EVOKE workshop by George Kinder. What happened in the workshop? What was his experience? How did he benefit? Read on to find out about all this & more.

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BNI – Your Salesforce

Have you been considering joining BNI but have been dillydallying wondering if the huge cost would be worth your while? We bring you views as well as costing and tips on making a success of the plunge with BNI from Yogita Dand, While we invite you to read on to know about her journey with BNI we also look forward to hearing from you if you have had any experience both similar and a not so happy one with this format. Your comments are valuable for us.

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Fee Model – If you don’t get it right in beginning, it will hurt later

Are you always in dilemma on the fee model to adopt which can result in a win- win situation, for both you and the client. Brijesh Dalmia, Founder – Dalmia Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd., throws light on some relevant points to consider while freezing your fee model.

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On whose side are you – Product Manufacturer or Product Buyer?

Three years down the line and the financial advisory fraternity in India is still sitting on the fence trying to figure out whether to become a SEBI RIA or not. Read on to know more about Devang Shah`s views on Fiduciary, SEBI RIA and its implications to industry and financial advisors

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Peer to Peer Lending – Whats it all about?

Just over a decade ago, slowly and steadily, a financial revolution started in the west, which was soon to spread across the globe. P2P lending is one of the most disruptive financial innovation of modern times and is here to stay. Read on to know more about what exactly is P2P lending and why you need to watch out for it…

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Revisiting ‘The Granny Rule’

As a Personal Finance Advisor, we talk about Long Term investing to our clients but do we follow it in our Practice? Read on to find out what Jayant Pai, (CFPCM), Head – Marketing, PPFAS Mutual Fund says about Delayed Gratification and what we as Personal Finance Advisors should consider.

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