Time to change our Informative Communications!

A lot of information comes to us on Social media, Whats app, Facebook etc. which we share with our clients too, Sometimes, we get half-truths or complete lies. Often, the sender of the information or even the originator of the same does not do so with mala fide intention. It is just that one has not spent enough time to thoroughly go through the same. Lets understand one such information shared in this rising market and demystified by Amit Trivedi.

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Creating Content? Never Run Out of Ideas…

Who would dispute the reach and hence the importance of digital media has come up. We all are looking to write good content and curate relevant ones. How exactly does one go about doing this? This mind map by Yogin Sabnis will be a ready reckoner for all your content needs!

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Annual Health Retreat… Jindal is an option you will love!

Those of us who are in business/profession, April is a time when we look back to review previous year’s performance and set some goals for the upcoming year. For many in our industry – January, February & March also happens to be busiest period of the year. Before you once again start running and chasing your life and career goals, you might want to consider going for a good health retreat to reward yourself for all the hard work and re-energize yourself for the coming year. Last year, I tried the world famous Jindal Naturecure Institute in Bangalore. I liked it so much that I repeated it this year also. Read on to know more about my experience at Jindal Naturecure Institute in Bangalore.

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Humans are Pattern-Seeking Animals!

”To understand is to perceive patterns” – Isaiah Berlin

A very common trait in human behavior is we are addicted to analysis everything which results in an abandonment of common sense. Analyzing Human Behavior, instead of accepting it for what it is, often blurs our senses to the obvious and unquestionable facts which are staring us in the face. Read on to Amit Trivedi sharing his view on Patterns

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Is Life only about being a Financial Advisor? Or is there more?

Is life only about being a financial planner, earning money, growing your business? Or is there more? Is true success only increasing sales and revenues? Or does life have a deeper meaning and purpose? True success is a life filled with happiness. Read on to know more about Yogesh Chabria Life Experience.

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Doing IAPs? Give Audience Your Best !

The effectiveness of Investor Awareness programs and its importance to our business is rarely disputed. Reason for not getting started could be, its difficult to get an opportunity. Why put so much effort and time for a social cause! Khyati Mashru tells us how customizing offering and walking the extra mile has helped her get good business from this activity. Read on to know more what she has to say about seven ways to ensure the effectiveness of Investor Awareness Programs & What we do Post IAP.

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Clients having children with special needs? Here is how to work with them. 

Catering to a niche leads to different set of learning. Jitendra Solanki shares his experience of financial planning for families with a special needs child which includes few of the aspects which financial planners have to consider while advising these families on their future.

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Planning to Launch a Fee-Only Practice? Watch Out…

Are you confused about fee-based advisory or AUM based advisory? You should watch this before taking final decision. Here are the wonderful insights from Rick’s Kahler interview & list of learnings as a fee-only practitioner by Amit Kukreja Founder, WealthBeing Advisors. Don’t miss the radio interview of Rick Kahler by Michael Kitces in the article and one exercise at the end of the article.

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