How You Can Help Your Clients To Dream Big?

When financial advisors approach their prospective clients for investments, so many times it must have happened that clients say I don’t have much money to invest, I am not earning much, it’s for rich people who have money for investing and all. Here we have an amazing extract of book “Dream big” authored by Mukesh Jindal, the book contains a wealth tips and useful information to help everyone invest wisely. This may help advisors to showcase to their clients to Dream big and Let Your Financial Plan Make Your Dream Come True.

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What is Bitcoin and How does it Work?

The buzz around the investment community “Bitcoins”. What is bitcoin? Should I Invest in Bitcoins? Amit Trivedi goes to nuts and bolt of bitcoin and shares his thoughts which will help advisors to understand bitcoins in a more better way and same can be delivered to your clients.

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Relevance of Diwali & Finance, as conceived by our Sages

Financial literacy and sensitization as a concept is a legacy handed over to us for generations. Unfortunately most of us are unaware of the significance of our celebrations. Gaurav Mashruwala explains the sequence of Diwali celebrations which is an eye-opener. Do feel free to share the link with clients if you see it fit.

Published on Oct 17, 2017

Impact of GST on Financial Advisors with Recent Updates

Financial Advisers are nothing less than a gift to wealthy individuals. These money wizards assess the financial needs and depending on the individual’s short or long-term goals, aid them to achieve those goals. The advice, however, comes at a cost. And just like everything else, the fairly new Goods and Services Tax is bound to have an impact on that cost. Here’s an all-inclusive and thorough analysis about how the tax rate as well as compliance rules for Independent Financial Advisers have changed post – GST with recent updates by Neel Vora

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9 stages of Woman and Financial Planning for her

Gaurav Mashruwala has recently done Navratri theme show on stages of women and financial planning for her on CNBC Channel. We produce below the summary of the show conducted on Navratri theme to give you a clear idea of how well the stages of women is connected with Navratri Theme. This will help advisors to engage with your clients on such great planning tips given in the article on each stage of women planning for her finances and you can also add into your process of advisory for your clients.

Published on Sep 28, 2017

7 Sayings of Sant Kabir on Role of Advisors in Investor’s Life

Majority of the investors take wrong investment decisions as they have incomplete knowledge, go by herd mentality or are driven purely by emotions & market sentiments. Investors need an advisor who will handhold them throughout the journey of investments. Here is an amazing article by Vinayak Sapre emphasizing Role of Advisors in an Investor’s Life using Sayings of Sant Kabir (Dohas).

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Financial Plan with Solutions of a Real Life Case Study

We all know and truly believe, no matter what, there is always a way out. Steven Fernandes’s book “There is always a financial solution” captures real life case studies of people in various stages of life and how they have navigated it. Here is one case study from the book. Do share your views on the case study in comment section.

Published on Sep 08, 2017

How to Estimate Equity Mutual Fund Returns?

Markets all time High… Is this the right time to invest? This is an common question faced by financial advisors. how do you estimate the same? Here is an insightful article written by our colominst Amit Trivedi on How to estimate Equity Mutual Funds Returns with few concepts which could help advisors in managing clients portfolio.

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3 Ways GST will Impact on Financial Advisors

Arvind Rao is a founder of Arvind Rao & Associates. He is a Certified Financial Planner & a Chartered Accountant based out of Mumbai. Arvind’s firm specializes in Tax management, Total Financial Management & Corporate Trainings.Change is not pleasant, but change is constant. One such change which came to us was GST. Arvind Rao shares his thoughts and gives us clarity on how GST is going to impact financial advisors / mutual fund distributors and what has to be done for it.

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