Testimonials for Network FP National Conferences

Appreciate NFP team efforts for being a force to reckon with & empower financial planners for becoming future ready… Viresh Patel.

As the name suggests, indeed the best place to network amongst financial planners across India. Great content, fellowship & knowledge….. Jeenal Shah.

Great show gets better with every passing year. Cheers!!…. Bharti Punjabi.

Network FP has become a benchmark of what a knowledge sharing conference should deliver. Personally, to me it gives lots of home work to do, embraces me with the current trends and enough to kick myself about how little I am doing…Harshvardhan Bhusari.

Professionally managed with a human touch…… Sandip Mukharjee.

Excellent  platform for financial planners….  Vinayak Pednekar

Network FP national conference is one of  the most enriching for financial planners to attend. It always provides lots of Knowledge for advisor to implement….. Shalini Dhawan

This was my first attendance. It was all pure advisor materials. I will make sure to implement the learning’s. I will try to attend every year…. Imran Gilani.

Line of speakers were really amazing got lot of value addition…..  Vijay Mistry.

Great insights, great networking  and lot of new tools and knowledge in networkfp.  I appreciate the way of sadique organizes and his team is awesome…  Abbasai  Mava.

Very empowering day of 5th  network FP national conference. The real success will be implementing the 5 insights in our Day to day practice from this conference……. Supriya Kubal.

Well organized with the best contents excellent speakers. All was well. Well done sadique . I never miss any of your  programs because there is always something as a take away for me…..  Narayan Sindhee.

This is like a MECCA for our industry. Missing it is like a sin now. I am sure you will need a  much larger space in times  to come…. Amit Suri.

Network FP conference is a great conference/ Space to be in. It is well standard well designed. It fills your heart  & mind with Fresh & empowering ideas….. Nandish Desai.

It was wonderful experience  as an financial planner to meet to planner through networkFP  & get best advise from them.Really thanks to sadique sir…. Prakash Panchal.

It’s because of network FP we hear experts in the industry. Also experience and vision of peers motivates as to contribute to our customers life…… Nayana N N.

It was excellent day. Excellent support from network FP always. It is our pleasure to be with network FP….. Niva  yoosuf.

As Mr. Ghose said in the morning, We learn in a day what – otherwise we learn a whole year at university… Sanjay Thakker.

Very happy the job Network FP is done for financial planners community & also having regular master classes with new topic Etc. very useful. Amazing  work….. Appreciate…… Manoj Rijhwaani.

Extremely motivating to building FPs. Professionals well selected & interesting topics for one conference . Looking forward. To the next….. Anikta Kariwala.

Attending Network FP annual conference is a compulsory must for any serious financial planner. The topic selection ,Speaker, Arrangements are almost perfect. It’s a genuine conference which is a royalty. It’s almost world standards…. Mukesh  Dedhia.

It was a great experience to be work at netwocrk FP annual conference….. Sachiv Nijhawan.

Very knowledgeable &  Eye opener session. Robo session is very good & give update all about new happening in industry… Rajiv Verma.

Always look forward  to this annual event of Network FP, Only platform in the country which has such huge turn aroundTo informative topics with best of the speakers. Keep up the good work team Network FP!!!…. Nisha Sanghavi.

Being first time attendant of Network FP national, I got to learn so many things which I was not aware from different speaker…. Pramila Verma.

Visible efforts that network FP team had put in for this big and successful  event, It  has good contents and was objective…..Vinay Thaly.

I would like to thanks sadique sir. For organizing such program, Which is very useful for the new comer to the industry like me.  It was my first time to being a part of the Network FP annual conference. I learnt many things about the industry through which I can upgrade any skills and could helps to my client in achieving their financial needs…  Chandra Kishor Sharma.

This conference has excellent in terms of topics covers, speakers , new ideas of what is happing in industry currently.  And congratulate sadique of Network FP for successful organizing conference 5th year consecutively. Keep the good work for IFA’s Thanks…  Bina Pandit.

Each time I attend it I am going out as a better advisor & professional with lot of inspiration that I am going In right direction…Rohit Boranarkar.

Network FP, A great platform for entrepreneurs & Financial advisor! Very informative & Educative conference….  Anuja Dhanuka.

The 5th Network FP national conference was a wonderful opportunity to update And upgrade self- peculating  to my  services to my client…. Balaji .B.R.

Excellent as always we keep getting better each year and international attendees are a testimony to that…. Vishal Dhawan

It was great experience to be back at the network FP annual conference…. Sachiv Nighawam.

Wonderful congregation and great learning…. Prashant Rathi.

As usual an excellent knowledge sharing at this mega event . An event witch will help me in my future decision making…. Ashwini Bidwalkar.

Sadique and his team are one fully dedicated & selfless people and I have encountered who work for the advisors upliftment. Network FP is one of the fastest growing and adapting network presently in India. Wishing them all the very best…Venkatesh Puthige

I have attended many conferences in financial services industry. But this was the best. All the discussions were so relevant and useful unlike most of other conferences, where majority of the time people talks only about “GLOBAL GYAN”. Fantastic. Keep the good work on.
– Jigar Parekh, Prudent Corporate Advisory Services Ltd, Ahmedabad

I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) but coming from a very small place ‘Bharuch’ in Gujrat. The conference has helped me in meeting and rekindling my relationships with fellow CFP’s.
– Amit Luharuka, Bharuch

It’s really very good conference experience which I can implement in my life as well as business also. So that I can achieve 100% of the wallet share of client.
– Hemal Vasa – M/s. Solutions, Mumbai.

Great forum to exchange ideas and network with fellow service providers. Excellent organization and a case study of how to bring diverse people on a single platform..
– Anup Bansal – Mitraz Financial Services Ltd., Bangalore.

It is one of the conferences where not only Business discussed but importantly also discuss how to be happy and keep client happy. I appreciate the way conference is scheduled and amazed to see such eminent persons from various locations as participants. It gave a perspective of financial planners that will help me to interact with them in meaningful way. Thanks.
– Dhananjay Mehta – Motilal Oswal AMC, Mumbai.

This conference has given me the confidence that we are moving in right direction. Need to improve on a few things to create an experience.
– Nikhil Mehta, Mitraz Financial Services Ltd, Bangalore.

Kudos for having organised a brilliant event. Great platform for the planners to interact and take forward their practise. All the Best Network FP.
– Sanjay Durgan – AbunDanze, Delhi.

We are glad to attend again and again & also year on year too. We advice all the advisors to joins this annual conference. This is not a conference, this great place is to increase the knowledge on financial planning process.
– Prashant Thakkar – Beyond Wealth, Mumbai.

My first Experience in Network FP. It has given me an excellent opportunity to meet with the Best in the Industry. Excellent platform to gain knowledge, industry regulation, business and also to share my views among the Financial Planners of the country. Hoping to get connected to world around with the platform in place.
– Viraj Shah – Ffreedom Financial Planners, Mumbai.

Explored new opportunities to practise in a better way. It’s always a pleasure attending this conference.
– Neeraj Bahal – Fasttrack Financial Planners, Mumbai.

The conference helps to connect with various brains and advisors who think different. Gives you a platform to share your ideas which can help others to grow.
– Amit Phadnis – PineBridge AMC, Mumbai.

Better interpretation, extremely well organized, effective speakers, Congrats to Priti, Sadique and Team.
– Sunil Jain – Investwell, Delhi.

Wonderful platform for Networking within our Fraternity and Learning from them their Best Practises.
– Viral Kothari, Independent Financial Advisor – Mumbai.

It’s a good platform for networking and learning so much from Financial Planners of India. And also extremely well Managed.
– Puneet Oberoi – Excellent Investment Advisorz Pvt. Ltd., Delhi.

It is absolutely awesome, Thanks to Network FP to create the kind of Platform to share the knowledge to the assets management business fraternity.
– Bihag Parikh – Reitz Financial, Ahmedabad.

It was indeed learning experience from many Senior Planners/ Speakers, as a beginner got proper Power Push after attending Network FP Conference, where quality and only quality provides. Hope to see such great thing again.
– Akash Kothari – Artha Wealth Management, Mumbai.

I appreciate the initiative of network FP to bring all the advisor fraternity in a conference to share ideas and strategy adopted by successful financial planner practitioner to scale up business.
– Shaibal Bhaduri – Investors Point, Dhanbad.

It is best initiative taken by Network FP from two years. Now It becomes Financial Planners’ Capital of India. Here one can give to and take from Platform.
– Parag Shah – Divya Finance, Ahmedabad.

This Network FP conferences, has change my overall outlook & perception towards the core importance of financial planning. It’s been a great platform where so many minds have given their valuable inputs which will sure be endeavoured and be put to fullest of practise to my clients. I wish Network FP all the very best and heartiest congratulations to Sadique, Priti and entire Team who made this event a grand success. I feel everyone requires financial Planning in today economic scenario. More systematic approach towards educating individuals for planning.
– Vrajesh Jagannath – Ffreedom Financial Planners, Mumbai.

It is a great platform for connecting with all quality financial planners across India. Network FP team. This Conference gave new ideas to expand my business. Applauding your efforts in every aspects of running the show upto micro level. Kudos to Kiran, Neeti, Chetan and Ramesh Bhat also
– Sridevi Ganesh, Chamomile Investment Consultants – Chennai.

Network FP conference has brought in networking between all the planners in India as a new level and the thoughts of meeting friends exchange ideas, learning new ideas and takeaways are a high.
– Yogita Dand – ASKY Financial Services, Mumbai.

It has helped very much and many of the problems which needed attention were addressed. Sadique and Priti excellent job. It is really motivational for me that how two people can manage such big and a very successful event. Hats off to both of you.
– Hina Shah – Certified Financial Planner, Mumbai.

I got more clarity when I saw fellow advisors doing great things for their clients. Sadique and Priti! You guys are just fabulous. Learnt lot from you guys.
– Gajendra Kothari – Etica Wealth Management, Mumbai.

It was a great event! Sadique has a great organising capacity. Everything that happened was excellent. Financial planners who attended the conference are immensely benefited.
– Narayan Sindhee – Jyoti Financial Services, Solapur.

Network FP Annual conference 2013 was a miraculously well planned and executed event. It almost covered all aspects of financially planning practice but missed out on ways to get clients into financial planning mode.
– Paresh Sukhtankar – Reliable Investments, Mumbai.

This was my first Network FP Conference. Now, I wonder how did I miss it for so many years, I know that I have a choice to make myself of break myself. I know my capabilities and now its clear concepts. I would like to come over again and again.
– Gurleen Kaur – Haripatti.com, Delhi.

I never thought that this will change the way I look at my business to grow. Going back with bag full of learning from great speaker and hope. Will implement the same soon. Great work! All the Best.
– Ayush Bhargava, Bhargava Financial Planners, Indore.

I was absolute in awe of Sadique’s skill and stamina that went in organising a conference of such a scale and stature. I am looking forward to enjoy being part of many more Network FP events. I am sure they are only going to get better than the Best.
– Deepti Goel – First Prize Investment Pvt. Ltd., Delhi.

Sadique! This is great job which you and your team is dong for development of investment advisory in India.
– Kishore Kale – My Wealth India, Mumbai.

Dear Sadique, I really appreciate your effort for taking great amount of minute planning for delivering a meaningful conference. Thanks.
– Anil Manuja – M/s. Strategic Financial Services, Mumbai.

It’s a wonderful platform to help Financial Planners. Though we have been in distribution and advising of financial products. But how best financial planners work and execute we learn here when we meet many successful financial planners……..Very Good. Keep doing such activities.
– Mannoj Rijhwaani – Consultme, Mumbai.

Helping to explore new opportunities. It’s a great learning platform to the Financial Planners.
– Taresh Bhatia – Advantage FP, Delhi.

Very Motivating Conference. Videos were inspirational. Thanks.
– Simran Bajaj – K. Bajaj Share Brokers, Kanpur.

Amazing learnings and networking which will not only help in building practice but also become a good person. Great works again by Sadique continue to do the good work.
– Salman Adam – Strategy 7 Financial Advisory Services, Mumbai.

Every year I go back learning something new and so I come back again and again. Great new ideas, interactions. I can see the fraternity grown to a new level with more personalised service and competence – life planning and understand human behavior is the flavour of the new era. Sadique and Priti Volunteers were AWESOME!!!
– Dilshad Billimoria – Dilzer Consultants, Bangalore.

The organisation is fantastic. Kudos to your team. Involving everyone in one form or the other in terms of volunteer work or calling them on stage to hand over tokens of appreciation to speakers is wonderful – gives a greater sense of belonging. I loved and am honoured by the opportunity of being a host for one session. Thanks!
– Kiran Telang – ABT Capital Advisors, Mumbai.

After attending it for 3 days, I have realized how much efforts must have gone in making a flawless format which Is excellently executed. Kudos!!!!
– Vivek Damani – Prudent Partners, Mumbai.

This was my second year at Network FP Conference. I am delighted to be here. I had a choice to the webcast centre. But I am glad that I came to Mumbai. Nothing beats live interaction. Good work Sadique & Preeti.
– Prashant Rathi , N. K. Kothari Wealth Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur.

Network FP is doing an excellent job of bringing the financial planner fraternity and help each other share their experience, insights etc. Great Learning experience. – Sanjay Maloo – Crown Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

Innovative, informative, invigorating! Keep it up. – Parag Karia -Ronshu Consulting, Bangalore.

Thanks to Network FP. What a great learning. It has opened up my mind. I am totally an insurance guy, now I am going to gets into FP. – Indresh Kumar Jain – IJ Financial Services, Chennai.

Excellent work by the Network team, getting the best minds under one roof, What a learning! Keep up the good work and All the Best. Aadesh Kumar Jain – AJ FinServe, Chennai.

Thanking you a lot for giving me to get the right directions. – Kavita Devi – Finanz India, Nasik.

“Fantastic Platform for sharing Ideas” Between financial Planners. – Arvind Rao – Dreamzv Infinite Financial Planners, Mumbai.

The Network FP annual conference was the excellent platform to get the new ideas for to be financial planners from all over the country. – Subhasis Biswas – Money Plant Securities, Jamshedpur.

It’s the best conference I have attended so for in my carrier. So many successful professional spoke and got to learn the best out of them. Thank You. – P Shanthiraj – Wholelife Financial Services (Hyd) Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad.

Heartiest Congratulation…………Sadique, Priti and Team for conducting a well planned conference. Your services for the financial planner will be really appreciated.  P Rama Krishna Naga Raju – PNR Wealth & Financial Planners Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad.

Network FP annual conference 2013. Has been food for thought. The key takeaways have been being focussed. Have collaborations for synergy, work on client’s goals (Help them to achieve). Be Happy – used your choice. – P Sreenivas Rao – R S Consultancy, Hyderabad.

Excellent! We cherished by attending this programme and learned something different to achieve something differently.  Peddareddy Rajasekhar – Valueraj Advisors Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad.

This is the first time I have attended Network FP conference, this event added value to my life. I will be happy to associate with FFP and Network FP. – Sarat Madiri – Suguna Consultancy Services, Hyderabad.

Hats off for the technological leap by showcasing that a national level conference can be held live across cities. Kudos….. – D. V. Suresh – DVS Consulting, Hyderabad.

IFA tempo upbeat. Very motivating, touched several nerves and feel that biological clock is reset to HO years. – M. S. Shabbir – SenSage Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad.

Before coming I was confused what to do, but it is great….I want to join next year conference, If possible, at Mumbai – Surajit Das – Vivek Financial Services, Kolkata.

Network FP is doing a tremendous job. Bringing Financial Planners from all over India to one place is a very good Idea. But organizing it in such wonderful way is amazing. Great work. Keep it Up!!!! – Rajesh J Mehta – Certified Financial Planner, Kolkata.

With a young and dynamic captain like Sadique, the financial planning profession’s “SHIP” will smelly reach its destination through creation of “WORLD CLASS” financial planners who are second to none and who will create and manage the “GOALS AND ASPIRATION’ of millions of Indian leading to natural prosperity. I wish “Sadique, Priti and Team” at Network FP all the very best for a wonderful future ahead.

I am very much satisfied. It’s a very good experience to be a part of Network FP Annual Conference 2013 via Webinar at Kolkata city. I assure to attend personally (Annual Conference) next year. – Nandji Rai – Kolkata.

Through the live webcast we got update on screens, as it is a process. – Uttam Kumar Sen – Uttam Consultancy Services, Kolkata.

It’s Awesome, congratulation to Sadique and Priti. – Rima Vasa – Vimal Consultancy, Kolkata.

I would like to say only one thing “You made my day”. At any point of time if I start and become a successful financial planner all the credit will go to Network FP. Kudos to Sadique & Priti. – Abhishek Mohta – SKM Financial Services, Kolkata.

Motivating and essential for new planners like us. Thanks to Network FP for showing the planner the right path. We expect the Network FP to do the excellent job. – Vandana Tikmany – Victorian Wealth Management Group, Kolkata.

“A powerful workshop which dared preset concepts and provoked thoughts, including outrageous ones. Also confused that only those ‘Silly’ ideas will finally work!!!!  Col (Retd) Sanjeev Govila – Hum Fauji Initiatives, Delhi.

Superb Meetings. It has given me lot of new ideas and friends to overall develop the movement called financial planning. – Manoj Pandey-Independent Financial Advisor, Delhi.

Excellent event, gives financial planning knowledge and best quality speakers at one place. – Rajiv Verma – Real Value Fin, Delhi.

Network FP Annual Conference is for motivation, learning and growth. Moreover, you get your direction input. – Vijay Pruthi – Independent Financial Advisor, Delhi.

With every passing year, the quality of the conference and the content has only raised bars. Looking forward for 2014. – Brijesh Damodaran – Zeus WealthWays LLP, Delhi.

Webcast was a great execution and medium to reach. Rajeev Kumar– Independent Financial Advisor,, Delhi.

Good Conference…….the conference helped me in exploring new option. – Karthik Kannan – Practising Financial Planner, Delhi.

It’s a good platform where you shore and learns thing, process which improve your process and practise. – Manikaran Singal – Good Moneying Financial Solutions, Delhi.

Good job, Congratulation. Keep it up the good work in future too. All the best. – Deepak K. Rao – Simplus Financial Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore.

Excellent opportunities to born about the practise and systems which our fraternity are using to improve business. – Gokul S. – Shree Sidvin Financial Services & Investments Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

It’s really awesome, listening to the stalwarts from the industry. Great finish by Brijesh – Gopinath C. J. – Manifest Investments Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

Conference of this sort helps to revaluate our self. Also increases the efficiency in the profession. This is a good initiative. – B. V. Vijaya – Independent Financial Advisor,Bangalore

This is a very well professionally arranged conference. This will be a great platform for the planner fraternity it improve one self and take the help of the veteran who are the path finder’s for the aspiring professional planners. Ganesa K. – Independent Financial Advisor,– Bangalore

Excellent conference. Very well organized strongly recommended for all financial planners. – Lakshmipathi Yelam – Right Horizons, Bangalore.

Quite an enlightening experience, various concerned topics regarding investment advisory practise has been touched upon, it definitely help to design business to get better direction. – Kshitija Shete – Gaining Ground Investment services Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

Excellent Job!!! Really appreciate your hard work!!! – Trupti Ajay Wani – Finanzindia, Bangalore.

Sadique and Priti have done a wonderful job of committing planner throughout the country. The regular updates apart from the annual conference are very useful. Live webcast is a great break through this year. – Shweta Rai – International Money Matters Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

Very Informative, great Platform for exchange Ideas. – Deepak Iyengar – – Independent Financial Advisor,Bangalore.

Good platform to deliver comfort and happiness. – Manjunath B. C. – Valueraj Advisors Private Limited., Bangalore.

Innovative Planning and Innovative Ideas….Kudos – Ganesh K. – ICICI Securities Ltd., Bangalore.

For someone who does not have finance backgrounds, this platform was like the opening of gates of heaven. A lot of insight on how to take the practice to next level, how to expand the product offering, how to price your services, how to engage with client………It has helped me tremendously in exploring new ideas of revenue generation. Build process to enable scaling up. – Rajeev Mehra – OPES Financial and Consulting Services, Bangalore.

This is a good platform to network with the group. Good and achieving towards excellent international format. – Dinesh Mysore – Cornhill Management Ltd., Bangalore.

Network FP is doing a great job. Please continue to do it for the betterment of the industry. – Narendra K. S. – Bangalore.

An excellent networking event for financial planners. Bringing all the top financial planners in India in one platform is a big achievement by Sadique and Priti; I am over judged by the kind of commitment and accuracy in which the annual conference 2013 was arranged is awesome. – Yuvaraja – BOHO Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

This is the first time I have attended Network FP conference. I got lot of implementable inputs from it. Happy to attend next year conference too. – Ketan Lad – Ffreedom Financial Planner, Mumbai.

The contents and flow of the session were good. The event has been organized by giving attention to super fine details; Great job. – V. Gokul – UNIFI Capital, Mumbai

Great job !!! Supberb. – Arun Sanap-UNIFI Capital, Mumbai.

This is the best and well managed conference for knowledge sharing. Keep it on… – Anil Rathod- K.S.investment, Partner, Ahmedabad

I am more than satisfied with Network FP conference 2013. Sadique and Priti are doing great pious job to the whole fraternity of financial Planners. Three cheers to Network FP!!! – Durgesh kumar Dubey – Principal Consultant, Leadwise Advisory Pvt. Ltd., Kanpur

A must for aspiring financial planner. You don’t know what you are missing until you be here. – Harshal Shah – Care Wealth Advisors Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad

Fantastic Platform! First time for me and I wish I can be there for all such sessions. First time opportunity to interact with biggies and veterans in this industry. Confirmed my conviction about great future for financial planning or life planning in India. – Rohit S Bornarkar –,Ffreedom Financial Planners, Pune

It’s Great Avenue for planners to learn about the industry precious and such conferences are laying foundations for making the industry recognized as a front profession in the days to come. – Sashin Haria – Certified Financial Planner, Mumbai

Network FP team is doing a ‘fantastic job’ for Advisor community. Best wishes.Ashish Padiyar – , Bellwether Wealth Advisory, Gurgaon

Sadique, Priti – You both are doing fantastic job. Keep it up!! – Tasneem Allana – Srujan Financial Advisors LLP, Mumbai

As usual you (Network FP) have done a great job of bringing all great people on one platform to motivate the entire community and this is required. Thank you so much. I wish you all this very best.R. Subramanya –Abundance in life, Bengaluru

Network FP is doing an incredible job by organizing such conferences. People from smaller cities-B15 should participate extensively and gain from it. I personally gained a lot from here which I will implement in my profession. Kudos to Sadique and Priti. Keep it up.- Chetan Shah.- Investors Point, Dhanbad

It is very eye-opening and interactive. Keep it up.- Shubhankar Bhowmick-Independent Financial Planner, Jamshedpur

Fantastic. The idea of including other cities was very good and would love to see

more cities join next year. Apurva R. Gandhi. – Leading Edge, Ahmedabad

Its one which was planned well, point to point all taken core.- Nilesh N. Shah. – Sangam Financial Services, Coimbatore

It was flawless. Organizing. The format of multiple sessions was awesome and exciting way to learn. Congrates Sadique and Priti for the conference.- Tejal Gandhi – Money Matters, Mumbai

Every time I attend workshop, I not only upgrade my knowledge but I also make new friends and get charged for better professionalism. – Neeraj Chauhan. – The Financial Mall, Delhi

Great work by Sadique and Priti in bringing all new and stalwart financial planner together on one platform. Great keep it up.- Arun G. Taula – Taula Investment, Mumbai

Different format – Breakout sessions were excellent. This is my 3rd year of conference and it’s really giving all the Financial Planners community right direction to move in their profession as well as in personal life.- Supriyaa Kubal – iYojana, Mumbai

Network FP conference – 2013 was a game changer session for me. Loved every movement of it. Keep doing such great things. – Prasad Achaiah S. – ,Aarna Financial Architect, Bengaluru

It was excellent and meticulously planned. Appreciate the time management and overall management. Keep it up.- Shailesh S. Gadre – Sapientinvestment Advisors, Mumbai

Awesome knowledge filled sessions must enjoy impression not on live webcast. People joined on webcast must come in person and enjoy it live next year.- K. Ramesh Bhat.-IFA Galaxy, Chennai

It was a wonderful experience. The kicks of Modish hit hard. Chetan J Bhatia.- Beyond Numbers, Mumbai

I feel that all new CFP Practioner should attend this programme. – Dileep Kulkarni.- Kulkarni Assosiate, Mumbai

The event that I really look forward to during the year. It was great from 100% wallet share to one page plan. From having a saleable model like Sumeet Vaid to restricting to a model like Gaurav Mashruwalas and finally it starts with welcome by Sadique and end with n thank you by priti! Best wishes ! I also like the way and methodology of the conference! – Jeenal Rajam Shah -Ghalla Bhawsali Securities Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

The conference was justified to “Get the direction right.” It was a comprehensive event touching and referring in detailed everything related to financial planning. The speakers have well- addressed and have enlightened and have motivated too.- Sneha Israni. – Capital League, Delhi.

Quite satisfied. One of this few platform which adds value to ours elf and help in “sharpening of saw.”-Pankaj Kumar Gera.- Gera Wealth Creators, Delhi

This is India’s FPA Communication.- Anil Gaur – Certified Financial Planner, Delhi

Full of new ideas and value addition, within a span of 2 days. Probably enough food for thought to implement and experiment till the next Annual conference. The Annual conference 2013 was like a 20 over cricket match where all batsmen speakers scored centuries and spectators (Attendees) loved it, in a short span of time. – Harshvardhan Bhusari – FIN PALS, Pune

Great Conference for financial planners. Lot of knowledge sharing which is important for building practice. Chandan Singh Padiyar- CSP Financial Services, Pune.

Network FP is doing great. Love the initiatives and the overall organizational skill that inspire me.Punit Bisani-iFAST, Pune .

“Wonderful initiative. Keep it going”.- Viraj Padhye –Safehand Financial Advisors, Pune.

It is really very well organized. Idea of web broadcasting was really excellent idea. Neepa Khatri –Neepnil investment, Pune

Thank you Sadique and Priti for a information packed seminar where every speaker contributed some knowledge which can be put in any practice. It too has re-entrusted me with my practice and my mind is new learning with ideas.- Veena Malgonkar – Mpower, Pune.

Very well organized platform of many brainier. I hope to improve my practice.- Janaki Soman –Certifed Financial Planner, Pune

This is my 3rd Annual Conference. Each year it is growing by leaps and sands in terms of participants, speaker, content thought provoking ideas. – Prashant shejwal – Prva Financial Planner, Pune

Great work going on. Keep it up. Your are increasing our expectations every year. Bhupendra Ketkar –Ensure Invest, Pune

Good arrangement but one last word- Whatever said and done, missed Mumbai.-K. V. Balaji –Finwin, Pune

Are you a Financial Planners? Are you attending Network FP Annual Conferences? If you are not , you are missing the best in Financial Plannning.– Malhar Mujumdar –Fine Advice Pvt Ltd, Kolkata

Very well organized conference. Good speakers A great platform to discuss the changing business dynamics. – Ami P. Kotack – PineBridge AMC, Mumbai

On par with any international conference. – Yogin Sabnis. -VSK Financial Consultancy Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Yes, this is very well managed & organized. Key learning is time management.- Rupendra R. Rawat, Independent Finacial Advisor.

A must attend programme and serious financial planning professionals.Rajesh Krishnamoorthy – iFAST Financial India Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai

Great initiative, awesome platform. Looking forward to lip lacking in 2014. All the best. – Amit Kumar – Certified Financial Planner, Bengaluru.

Nicely coordinated programme. I should learn it. Very good presentations.– Jayant Vidwans – Chaitanya Financial Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai.

It is a wonderful initiative and support to the profession. Brainstorming opportunity for the challenger faced by financial planners community.-Prakash Prahraj – Max Secure Financial Planners, Mumbai.

 2nd Network FP National

021.Very well planned & professionally done. Sadique & Priti have managed to create an excellent forum for aspiring financial planners like us to get insights, opinions & exposure to the financial planning industry. Keep up the good work & look forward to attending more forums of this nature. Excellent work!…. Vidya Krishnamoorthy, Bengaluru

Conference has helped on how various marketing strategies can be utilized to attract people, how various strategies related to business model & engagement incorporated in business. How to differentiate ourselves with the help of blue ocean strategy. Superb! Great going! Expectations have increased more & more by experiencing this….. Kreena Desai, Mumbai

Meticulous attention to details! Fantastic time management! A great knowledge sharing experience! The moments will be cherished!… Ashwini Bidwalkar, Mumbai

Brilliant, Insightful, Facilitates networking, Learning best practices from each other, Inspiring!….. Ranjit Dani, Nagpur

I am highly motivated by listening to success stories of other financial planners. Theme “Problems are opportunities” for this Annual Conference is perfect. You & Priti made this 2 days really wonderful…. Supriya Kubal, Mumbai

Great job Sadique & Priti. Well organized world class seminar. Keep up the good work…… R Subramanya, Bengaluru

Network FP has been a wonderful platform & the conference has helped to view the financial planning into a different perspective. Priti & Sadique – You have been doing a wonderful job. Keep it up!!!….. Amit Phadnis, Mumbai

It’s been a memorable experience at Network FP conference. Lots of insights in various areas of FP practice, present scenario, etc… the best part being networking with other fellow financial members!…. Lakshminarayanan R, Bengaluru

I got great insights on the model one can use in setting up practice & also insights on how to deal with clients under different circumstances through behavioral planning. Great work, continue the good work. The open forum was a great initiative. Keep it next year also. Well organized…. Salman Adam, Mumbai

Very well managed, well chosen topics for speakers. Knowledgeable & experience speakers. I got a chance to meet Financial Planners from all the parts of country. Time management was very good…. Sanjay Mhatre, Mumbai

As a value addition I am planning to start estate planning practice, start AUM based fee and implement Blue Ocean strategy. Great learning experience!… Santosh Salunke, Mumbai

I plan to start my financial planning firm, I got motivation to start. Got experience from people who have worked before. The best gathering for financial planners!…. Biju Behnan, Mumbai

I got Insight on building a robust practice / process and on best global practices and understood the important of research. The conference helped me understand the FP community better…. Srivathsala K N, Bengaluru

Got many new ideas & processes. The conference re-in forced most of my practice belief and it’s a great networking hub….. Abubakr Siddique, Hyderabad

This conference is much needed event for our profession. I don’t know how the gap would have affected my practice if this conference was not there…. Sukhvider Sindhu, Nagpur

Network FP is a genuine organization working to the development of financial planners. Keep up the honest work of upgrading financial planner skills & I promise to keep coming & encourage my staff to attend this!…. Lovaii Navlakhi, Bengaluru

This conference helped me to accelerate movement to an institutional practice and to move from being an employer to a teacher & coach. Learning from peers was tremendous if this is what comes as learning from 2nd year can’t imagine what we will have 5 years later!…. Vishal Dhawan, Mumbai

Excellent! A great way to meet peers & impart knowledge & skills…. Peddareddy Rajashekhar, Bengaluru

Sadique has done a commendable job this year again by bringing who’s who of financial planning. Industry veterans discussed & shared ideas. It was a well spent time by learning, networking, sharing hearing from speakers. Great job done!!…. Neeraj Chauhan, Delhi

Speakers were excellent & did a fantastic job of sharing their experiences. Definitely got answers to some of my concerns & lots of ideas to mull upon. Excellent speakers extremely well organized. Great learning & sharing platform, the format of the program was well thought out & well executed. Appreciate & applaud the effort by Sadique & Priti in organizing the event…. Neeti Trivedi, Bengaluru

Network FP Conference was the excellent in terms of content, topics, speakers, venue & also the presentation. It was good platform for me to connect other renowned financial planners in industry & learn & exchange ideas amongst us. Thank you very much Sadique…. Bina Pandit, Mumbai

Great platform!!! Got a lot to learn. Great speakers…. Sneha Punmiya, Mumbai

The event was organized fabulously. It is such a pleasure to be a part of an event that gave us insight into the work & lives of the pioneers & trend settlers in the industry. To say that the learning were tremendous is just the tip of the iceberg…. Malhar Majumder, Kolkata

It is actually a platform where the budding financial planner & even experienced financial planner learn & unlearn many things. Everything was just fantastic. Now is a action time…. Manikaran Singal, Chandigarh

It was again amazing 3 days of Network FP conference including workshop. It feels great to meet top planners from all over India with warmth & helping nature. The conference was truly world class as mentioned by the international delegates. All the best for future events…. Dr Naveen J Sirohi, Delhi

Thanks Network FP for newer & better perspective AGAIN & AGAIN!…. Nirmal Jain, Bengaluru

The Conference gave me idea for best practice in Financial Planning and also 4P Strategy for excellent employee management…. Chetan Joshi, Mumbai

The Conference has given global as well as local views on helping & improving professional services and new ways of improving service…. Kiran Boal, Bengaluru

It is platform that empowers & inspires planner community. It is a place whee ideas are exchanged & knowledge is shared…. Nandish Desai, Ahmedabad

It’s been awesome experience to hear from people who are legend in Financial Planning. I got an opportunity to network with budding financial planners…. Hemant Beniwal, Jaipur

This conference always ends with me thinking & taking stock of my journey so far as a financial planner. I will definitely try & acquire more knowledge & implement as much as possible in my practice. The Annual conference is an opportunity to share and an opportunity to gain. An opportunity to learn & forget all pain…. Neeraj Bahal, Mumbai

Good quality of speakers & topics. Excellent time management & venue. Great connect via sms & emails with all participants. Overall an excellent 2 days & looking forward to next year…. Madhur Todi, Ahmedabad

You have organized the conference very well & congratulation to you & your team. Network FP has been doing wonderful job for financial planners. And also helping in networking & knowledge sharing…. P R K Nagaraju, Hyderabad

It was amazingly organized with good line up of speakers & a vision of Financial Planning practice in India at the next level…. Tejal Gandhi, Mumbai

Thank God for providing me an opportunity to be associated with Network FP through LinkedIn. And equally to Sadique & Priti whose efforts help me to improve my Financial Planning Practice day by day…. Balram Jha, Kolkata

Outstanding conference! Great learning! Superb logistics! Opportunity to meet the who’s who in the financial industry. True to the name could not have “ Networked” better…. Maxie Jose, Kochi

It is the most valued conference I have attended. It is more useful than CFP or any International Conference…. Purushottam Kumar, Mumbai

The Conference has given me an understanding of methods of charging fees & marketing yourself as a financial planner…. Paresh Shetiya, Pune

3 takeaways for me from the conference were how to move to next level, converting problems convert into opportunities and bringing more professionalization in our practice. Proud to be a financial planner…. Hemal Vasa, Mumbai

Super job done by Sadique & Priti!…. N Vishwanath, Mumbai

Network FP for me is a catalyst in the financial planning culture cultivating in India & keep on reminding me how to become a the most noble professional…. Vinay Singh, Mumbai

Being new to this profession it had given a vision to set up my practice in a professional way. Ambience was good. Great networking. Most of the senior practitioners were keen to share their ideas & experience. Sadique Keep up the good work…. C J Gopinath, Bengaluru

I left my job as a manager in an IT firm to focus on financial planning as my career. By attending this conference I have added great value in understanding financial planning advisory & become confident of my passion to get in this field. Great networking. Most of the senior practitioners were keen to share their ideas & experience. Sadique Keep up the good work…. Praveen Prasad, Bengaluru

The best learning from conference – as a professional we have to read more research & not the marketing brochure of product manufacturers…. Nilesh Shah, Coimbatore

Conference has been a mirror to me & lot of issues will be cleared. 4 P system is very attractive & have for clarity on fee based model. I am happy & glad that I attended the annual conference as it has acted as a very good mirror for me & for my future growth path. Thank you…. Rajendra Dhulla, Mumbai

Sadique /Priti- You both somehow never given me a chance to complaint in any of your workshops. I really appreciate the way Network FP/Sadique/Priti has organized the conference. You have given utmost importance to even a small thing required. It has given me the confidence to set up a fee based FP structure/practice…. Sushma Dialani, Mumbai

Well managed event. Value added topics…. Arun Taula, Mumbai

The 3 takeaways for me were starting fee based financial planning practice, emotional aspects of retirement planning, 4D engagement process for the success of client planner relationship…… Bhavin Sarda, Jamnagar

The thoughts shared by most of speakers were very enlightening & I am sure implementing them will be a great help in life. Great job done Sadique & Priti. What I really liked about the conference is the format & your tried to cover almost every area of financial planning.. Great learning & keep rocking…. Vinayak Sapre, Mumbai

Sadique /Priti, I am amazed by the efforts you have put in organizing such a conference. The Annual conference gives a platform to interact with Financial planners across the country. Listening to speakers reinforces my belief in this profession & also gives an insight on the practice management aspect…. Prashant Shejwal, Pune

Brilliant effort. Very well managed. Flawless event. All the very best…. Brijesh Dalmia, Kolkata

Great job! Well done & keep it up. You are really doing excellent job for the CFP professionals without any support from any authorities. Wish you all the best & great future ahead….. Bhupendra Ketkar, Pune

During 2 days of conference, I have met with many industry veterans & their sharing gave me lot of new knowledge & confidence in my business, also inspiring to scale up from here…. Jatin Maniar, Jamnagar

Excellent platform for meeting like minded professionals. Took lot of inputs for enhancing value for clients. Good ideas to enhancing sales skills…. K V Balaji, Pune

The conference helped me to understand mindset of Financial Planners. Recent success stories of FP suggest there is immense scope & underserved market segment…. Maran G, Chennai

3 take aways for me from the conference were to sharpen customer acquisition process, finalize revenue model and having a networking strategy in place…. Rohit Shah, Mumbai

Network FP is doing an excellent job of bridging the knowledge gap of advisors by bringing Indians & overseas top minds on one platform. I wish them all the success…. Ravi Samalad, Mumbai

Great value addition in terms of ideas & strategies to grow one’s practice…. Varun Girilal, Bengaluru

It’s fantastic & it should be a journey. Keep it up the financial planning movement…. Uttam Kumar Sen, Kolkata

3 takeaways for me from the conference were to taking actions for corporate seminars, implementing blue ocean strategy and read more of research and research & follow up of progress of goals…. Subhabrata Ghosh, Kolkata

Great conference, excellent speakers, good networking & discussion regarding common problems faced by advisors…. Sachiv Nijhawan, Kolkata

Its always a life changing experience & hats off to Sadique & Priti for their efforts towards value addition…. Nandji Rai, Kolkata

I was amazed to see the quality of speakers & presentation. It was a great learning platform one has to be here to experience it…. Prashant Rathi, Jaipur

The concept, the knowledge and experience share was very absorbing. The event was conducted very professionally and it had the right tone of a personal touch to make it memorable. Keep up the amazing work!….. Parag Karia, Bengaluru

Excellent job Sadique & Priti. You have done a wonderful job. No match for it!…. Puneet Oberoi, Delhi

Once again a truly enriching experience & great learning experience. Client engagement, life planning, Regulatory environment. Keep up the great work & looking forward to more interactions. Just wanted to personally thank you both for the excellent set up and the flow of the conference. The learnings and the take away was excellent. You never seize to amaze us!….. Dilshad Billimoria, Bengaluru

It’s a good & consistent effort in bringing the folks together to share their best practices. If you can let the folks know how many CFP’s have done their personal financial plans, so that he/she can speak with conviction to the prospects/clients…. Dinesh Mysore, London

Sadique & Priti – The efforts you have taken & your continuing efforts to empower Financial Planners & creating a learning & sharing platform is stupendous…. Rajesh Krishnamoorthy, Mumbai

The conference helped me in focusing on feedback & referrals, increase client wallet share And get feedback through feedback forms…. Mihir Ashar, Mumbai

Kudos to Network FP. Excellent speakers. Expectations have increased. Keep on doing the good work…. Mukesh Dedhia, Mumbai

This conference has made us more curious & forced us to have our strategies in place…. Kanak Jain, Kolkata

The conference was well organized & had good & interesting topics. Good learning’s which otherwise does not happen as we get preoccupied in life’s normal chores & operations…. Suresh Sadagopan, Mumbai

Very well managed. From Pr-conference handling to hand holding through the conference. Networking was great. Glad to invest time here as investing in knowledge pays the best interest. Looking forward to the Annual Conference 2013…. Jeenal Shah, Mumbai

Good, Excellent, Great. Don’t chase success chase excellence success will follow. Time is an asset to be managed more carefully than money. Spend it with people who share your dreams desires & destinations…. Sandeep Chadaliya, Mumbai

Network FP Conference helps to quickly move ahead of learning curve…. Vivek Rege, Mumbai

Helps to quickly move ahead on learning curves…. Ramesh Bhat, Chennai

I think this is one of the most organized conferences I have attended. Very relevant, very practical & very meticulously put together…. Gajendra Kothari, Mumbai

Very well planned & executed. The session was very informative & a great platform for budding entrepreneur & establish planners… Thejus Palathingal, Bengaluru

Network FP Annual Conference becoming the MECCA of financial planning community…. Amit Suri, Delhi

I got lot of insights on what is being done by planners across the country. There is more clarity on the technology & process to be adapted. It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of a growing fraternity of people/players passionate about financial planning…. Kiran Telang, Mumbai

Scaling up is looking achievable. A good vacation for financial advisors. Really refreshing… Prashanth Prabhu, Bengaluru

Network FP conference gives you lot of new ideas to put your practices to new level…. Anil Manuja, Mumbai

This conference was very vibrant & powerful with full of insights & awareness to take our business to next level…. D V Suresh, Hyderabad

Sadique & priti have done a very good job of conducting the Network FP Annual Conference…. Ramesh Patibandha, Bengaluru

Quality wise you are up there with any international conferences…. Yogin Sabnis, Mumbai

This was an experience which made me execute my own financial plan with my own financial planner. This conference is the future of financial planning industry…. Aloke Vora, Mumbai

A powerhouse of knowledge sharing & practice enhancing ideas & ways…. Brijesh Damodaran, Gurgaon

One of the best conferences in India for financial planners…. Paresh Sethiya, Pune

The conference is just about perfect. Unbiased approach for financial advisors & financial planners finally. All the best for all your endeavors…. Chetan Chandaliya, Bengaluru

Excellent job by Network FP in organizing the seminar…. Prakash Praharaj, Mumbai

The only non sponsored event in the industry & hence comes free of any biases & no forced speakers & NFO launches. Keep doing what you are doing & keep innovating which you have proved very good at…. Mohsin Bijapuri, Chennai

Doffing my hat to you both, Sadique and Priti! A 150 group of planners from across the country came, paying the fee – Not a single sponsor or advertiser, and international speakers. You have set new standards for such conferences. Kudos!… Uma Shashikant, Mumbai

You guys have done brilliant job. Is media, regulators, financial product manufacturer listening? ‘ (1) Clients are willing to pay fees (2) Professional and serious financial planners pay from their own pocket to attend quality event and (3) are willing to attend on working days….Gaurav Mashruwala, Mumbai

It was a nice experience attending the conference. We had great networking with lot of amazing people and got lot of insights, it was overall successful visit. Thanks Network FP for organizing and bringing so many people under one roof. Wish we could have met more and more people :)…. Manish Chauhan, Pune

Awesome!!! Sadique and Priti for making the conference a huge success for every one… Absolutely…It is not easy to hold a conference like this ‘truly independent’ and that too on working days…starting on a Monday!!! Way to go!…. Partha Iyengar, Mumbai

Really a great event. And coming from Delhi, it was more purposeful as no such events happen in Delhi. Next hold in Delhi…. Taresh Bhatia, Gurgaon

Sadique & Priti, Long way to go… for that you both have worked hard which showed up in this event. It was not less than any international standards. Enjoyed the information and environment both. But you need to work harder now as more expectations are on you….Bhavesh Vora, Mumbai

Sadique and Priti – great job organizing the conference!…. Kapil Narang, Delhi

Thanks Priti and Sadique. It was immense learning and a wonderful networking platform. Great effort. Thanks for the great experience…. Bhuvana Shreeram, Mumbai


1st Network FP National

An honest & genuine attempt to create a platform where various financial planners come together & share their views. Keep up the good workJ….Neeraj Bahal, Mumbai

At the outset let me congratulate both of you for the wonderful event hosted by both of you. Congratulations. The conference was great….Sheela Jayaraman, Mumbai

Excellent Conference & wonderful learnings for new CFP certificants like me to move to an advisory business….Sachiv Nijhawan, Kolkata

Excellent effort in making it a mini FPA in India. These are the only words I have with me for this conference. It was a brain storming session and it is going to change the life of all new aspiring financial planners like me. Great! I have no further words to say. God bless u both. Thank you so much….Suhas Lele, Mumbai

Excellent organization of Network FP Annual Conference 2011. Well planned, speakers choice was apt & appreciated. It helped in motivating the young financial planners. Well done! Keep it up!!!….Dileep Kulkarni, Mumbai

Excellent platform/conference with lot of rich sharing people who are already ahead in the league. Everyone must attend such conference….Mannoj Rijhwaani, Mumbai

Excellent work Sadique & Priti. Please continue with Networking. We are with you. Cheers….Prasad Chitre,Mumbai

Excellently arranged conference. Good show!….Suresh Sadagopan, Mumbai

Fantastic experience! In no way lesser than FPA USA experience….Yogin Sabnis, Mumbai

Fantastic job by Sadique & Priti. It was a great experience to hear all great minds on a common stage. Keep up the good work going….Swapnali Dabke, Baroda

Focused and a very professionally conducted conference. Great networking opportunities. Good learning. It was a great show that you put up yesterday. We all really enjoyed learning, sharing and networking. Look forward to more interactions….Bhuvana Shreeram, Mumbai

This event was a ‘Mejwani’ for budding Financial Planners like me. It was well organized with top planners guiding us on important aspects of Financial Planning. There was so much to learn from them. Food was also very good. Thanks for the memorable event. Very well organized. Topics selected & respective speakers were very much experienced & they presented excellently. Also good food ….Sanjay Mhatre, Mumbai

Good initiative by Network FP of having Annual Conference for Financial Planners….Anil Rawlani, Mumbai

Great effort by Network FP by providing a platform for Financial Planners to interact & gain from experience of renowned planners….Steven Fernandes, Mumbai

Great experience! One must be a part of this conference if he is into financial planning business. Lot of value addition. God bless you Sadique & Priti!…Kanak Jain, Kolkata

Great initiative to bring CFPs on one platform….Ravi Samalad, Mumbai

Great initiative! The whole FP community can come together & share views / thoughts/ processes to make the profession/field much more valuable. Thoroughly enjoyed the conference. Happy Diwali to you & your family….Kriti Parikh, Ahmedabad

Great Job Network FP Team!!!….Harshal Shikhare, Mumbai

Great Job, but still a very long way to go….Nirmal Jain, Bengaluru

Had an excellent day at the conference. Got to learn a lot of ideas & got motivated. Looking forward to next year….Madhur Todi, Ahmedabad

Hope you and Sadique must be tired and taking rest. i just wanted to appriciate your effort for organizing such a nice event. Yesterday’s Annual Conference was really a well organised event. All the speakers were very good and they cleared number of topics and we got answers for lot of questions. Once again thanks for the Annual conference and wish you best of luck for your future events….Prakash Lohana, Vadodra

I am fortunate to come across Network FP very early. The site has changed my perception & exposed to a different world. Looking forward for a very active participation in future on Network FP-You are the Best….Rakesh Rathod, Mumbai

I am really impressed the way the event was conducted and also the quality of speakers which was just fantastic.Looking forward to more such events from the Network FP team and also let me know if you need any assistance for your event in Pune. All the best and keep up the good work ….Balvir Chawla, Pune

I am very thankful to you both for taking the initiative to conduct the Annual Conference. It gives us a platform to learn more about the best practices emerging in the international arena and a chance to interact with various industry veterans. Convey my gratitude to all your team members associated with the conference….Sujith Nair, Ahmedabad

I had missed the FPA convention. Network FP filled the gap….Chetan Bhatia, Mumbai

I really enjoyed at Network FP Annual Conference 2011. Exchange of the thoughts from all speakers on various topics. The work done by both of you (Sadique & Priti) is really appreciated. Keep it up, it will help financial advisors a lot….Rajen K. Gala, Mumbai

I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience you have provided through Annual Conference. It was a nice feeling to get introduced to other planners who do fee based planning. That is the opportunity we, at Chamomile, miss here in Chennai. There were a lot of positive vibes in the conference. You have selected the topics with great insight in the fee based financial planning industry. The speakers justified their professional approach in the delivery. You can be very well proud of conducting this annual conference with 100% success. We, at Chamomile, wish you all success in your tour on conducting the workshop across India. If you can give a positive influence to (m)any CFPs here in Chennai and other part of India to practice fee based financial planning, that would be a great milestone in your journey. Keep in touch and get connected when you come to Chennai. If you need any assistance here in Chennai, please feel free to call or mail me. Looking forward to the next Annual Conference. Excellent arrangements. Appreciate your efforts on every finer point….Sridevi Ganesh, Chennai

India’s answer to FPA…. Keep it up!!! Thank you for transforming financial advisors…Chetan Chadaliya, Bengaluru

It gave us lots of insights & ideas to take our practice forward which can be easily implemented in a phased manner….Tejal Gandhi, Mumbai

It is a very good initiative. It is a forum where planners get together & create themselves. It is an organized conference, filled with love, care & commitment. Thank you for getting the body together. It now feels we are part of fraternity. It was a new experience, learning experience and we have come back with many business ideas. If JI Team can contribute in any of the events do let us know…Nandish Desai, Ahmedabad

It was a great effort from Sadique to give us this platform & to interact with the existing CFP Certificants….Rima Vasa, Kolkata

It was a great experience being with the “who is who” of financial planning business. Lots of learnings & quite cleared focus on FP as a business can be personnel….Shrikant Mane, Mumbai

It was a wonderful conference where eminent speakers spoke about their experience & it was a great learning experience….K Karthik, Delhi

It was a wonderful day & I felt honored being a part of it. I hope I can make friends for life from this event as well as in the futureJ….Aditya Govindaraj, Mumbai

It was amazing & refreshing from daily routine….Sandeep Chandaliya, Mumbai

It’s a commendable effort to get best of speakers & FP community together with lot of minute & precious details. A job, well done….Tarun Birani, Mumbai

It’s a kind of coming together of complete financial planning industry….Manikaran Singal, Chandigarh

It’s a mind blowing experience listening to stalwarts like Kartik Jhaveri & others….Nandji Rai, Kolkata

Kindly accept our heartiest congratulations for organizing the Annual conference in such way. In fact, while in conference we always felt that the way it progressed it seems to be a well rehearsed event. Be it the speakers, the co-ordination, the time management whatever I could think of was handled in a professional way. Best wishes to you both and if we can be of any help, do let us know….Vivek Damani, Mumbai

Meeting so many progressive people at one go is one of the best opportunity. Conference certainly helped to see the business going forward….Dhananjay Mehta, Mumbai

Network FP has been a catalyst for a lot of reasons. From time to time Network FP will be remembered for creating wealth management facilitation via the Network of CFPs, etc. keep up the good work!….Rajesh Chheda, Goa

Network FP has truly lived up to their motto”Together lets make it happen!” By enrolling 140 participants & inviting eminent speakers on the occasion of Network FP Annual Conference 2011….Ajay Bhaskar, Mumbai

Network FP is a great forum to bring together like-minded people in the profession. Lot of learnings & sharing is happening & is a big source of support in the fledging profession!….Kiran Telang, Mumbai

Network FP is serving excellently to the financial planning community….PRK Naga Raju, Hyderabad

Practicing speakers with their rich & practical experience with added international flavor made this conference very rich for me….Viral Kothari, Mumbai

Professionally organized! Good One….Arun Taula, Mumbai

Sadique & Priti – You both are doing a big favor to the FP fraternity in India, by being so organized & enthusiastic about Network FP. Keep it up!….Kalpesh Ashar, Mumbai

So well organized by prominent CFPs of country, sharing their expertise & years of experience… RK Sood, Lucknow

Superb job being done by Network FP. Com in exploring the financial planning community… Ravinder Singh Chawla, Mumbai

Thank you to both of you for this conference, which gave a clear concept on FP. Awesome!!! More than expected…Ravi Sankar, Visakapatnam

Thanks a lot Sadique & Priti for a great conference and a huge value addition…Col Sanjeev Govila, Delhi

Thanks a lot..Sadique & Priti..for giving me an opportunity to present at the conference..I enjoyed it as much as you both must have enjoyed putting together the conference.. Priti you have done a fabulous job along with Sadique to make it all happen!!The best part of the conference was sticking to time..99% efficiency..Kudos..Truly International…Cheers….Partha Iyenger, Mumbai

Thanks Sadique & Priti. It was a memorable trip as the speakers had much to share from their vast experiences. It is a good way to establish a connect in the financial planning community. Knowledge sharing conference with core focus on the needs of the hour….Navneet Dhawan, Indore

Thanks to Sadique for bringing all the good speakers on this platform. I really appreciate your effort for networking with better financial planners….Nivva Yoosuf, Mumbai

The conference happened at the right time. Keep up the good work….Brijesh Damodaran, Gurgaon

The conference was organized well. The speakers were all good. Topics all relevant…. Prakash Praharaj, Mumbai

The program had eminent speakers who made my day worth & also helped me to understand Financial Planning….R Narasimhan Iyer, Chennai

The seminar should be more interactive & various implementation ideas should be discussed…. Rajesh Joshi, Pune

Very good experience on Financial Planning Practice…. Santosh Salunke, Mumbai

Very professional. Immense value addition. Congratulate & commend Network FP for pioneering this…. Priti Kucheria, Mumbai

We are confident; together we will make it happen….Hitesh Vyas, Vadodra

Well organized. Well managed conference. The expectations were fulfilled. Sadique Neelgund & Priti Neelgund know the pulse of Financial Planners. They have given more than our expectations. My sincere appreciation for the hard work they had put in….Narayan Sindhe, Solapur

What a wonderful event it was yesterday ……your vision & efforts are paying off , I remembered us sitting at Kalpana when you were with SYKES , and you were sharing that I have some plan in mind lets see how that materialises , that’s a commendable journey in your life I must say ….wish you & Priti a great success ahead. Wish you the very best for the sessions organised in different cities….Vivek Rege, Mumbai

You guys have done a great job on NetworkFP and the Annual conference as well. I came late by 20 minutes to the event and missed Sadique’s opening speech but just read it via email…really inspirational. I was thinking back to when we first met and it was in Feb/March…it’s very true believe in something and be passionate about it. Your company and events clearly show that. Looking forward to the next event….Manish Jain, Mumbai