Network FP ProMembership Fees

Annual Fees
Annual Fees + GST
Regular Membership 750 9,000 10,620
CFPs, RIAs & IFAs 675 8,100 9,558
Renewals & Referrals 600 7,200 8,496

* Fees & Discounts mentioned above applicable till December 15, 2017. No Discounts will be available after that. Registrations will also be temporarily closed after December 15, 2017 and opened on February 1st, 2018. 
* Fees will be collected on an annual basis along with applicable taxes. And Membership Period will be valid for 1 year from the date of registration.
* Network FP ProMembership Terms & Conditions are listed here.

How to Avail Discounts?

To avail discounts as mentioned above, you will require a discount code. You need to enter this discount code in the registration form below. Here is how one can get discount codes.

Renewals – Existing Network FP ProMembers who are renewing on or before due renewal date can get Renewal Discount Code by contacting Network FP. Renewals will be due 1 year after date of registration.

Referrals – If an interested IFA/RIA/CFP knows any of the Existing ProMembers, they can reach out to them and ask for Referral Discount Code. Existing ProMembers can get this code by contacting Network FP and pass it on to their referrals.

CFPs / RIAs / IFAs – This discount will be given to SEBI Registered Investment Advisors / FPSB India Certified Financial Planners & AMFI Registered IFAs. You are requested to contact Network FP for the discount code. (mention your SEBI/FPSBI/ARN Number).

For Discount Codes & Registration Assistance Contact

Shilpa on +91 8454049011 /

Online Registration Form

Interested Candidates are requested to fill the Registration Form and make the Payment Online. Don’t forget to enter your discount code. Network FP Team will get in touch with you by mail to onboard you as a Member and explain how you can avail of all Network FP ProMember benefits.

Registration Assistance

For any more further information or for registration assistance to Network FP’s ProMembership Program kindly contact

Shilpa on +91 8454049011 /