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Network FP can help personal financial advisory firms look for talent from the job market. Network FP has a good reach amongst job seekers through email subscriptions and social media. Additionally, many Financial Education Providers and Institutes also follow the job section and share the opening with their students / alumni. Going forward as the number of job openings increase, Network FP will attempt to reach out to larger base of job seekers in their field.

What kind of job postings can firms make?

If your firm is into personal financial advisory and is looking to hire team members in any of the following functional areas, you may want to consider doing job posting on Network FP;

  • Financial Planners / Para Planners / Associate Planners / Analysts
  • Relationship Managers / Sales & Marketing / Client Facing Team
  • Back Office / Operations / Client Servicing

Who can make Job Postings on Network FP JobBoard?

Network FP ProMembers can make the job postings for free on NFP JobBoard. For others, we charge Rs. 1500 per posting. However, Network FP does not guarantee any responses to job postings done. Responses usually depend on job type, city, firms credentials, compensation offered etc.

How can Network FP help in training your employees?

Network FP has developed a comprehensive 100+ Hours course called QPFP Certification Program to train existing and newly recruited employees of Financial Advisory Firms. ProMembers can nominate their existing and new employees for the same. You can know more about the QPFP Certification Program here.

How do I submit Job Posting?

ProMembers who want to make a job posting are requested to fill and send the Job Vacancy Form to You can download the Job Vacancy Form by clicking the link below;

Download Job Vacancy Form