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Network FP has a well administered group of all its ProMembers on instant messaging platforms. The platform is used by Members to share information, updates, ideas and most importantly seek answers from other fellow members to their questions related to practice management and domain expertise.

The groups are well monitored, administered and moderated by Network FP Volunteers to ensure only meaningful discussions take place and only useful stuffs are shared.

Here is a list of some questions which have been asked in the recent past;

  1. Which is the best Financial Planning Software?
  2. How to Register as a SEBI RIA? Which is the best structure for me?
  3. What is the ideal Financial Planning fees to charge?
  4. Can someone explain the product differentiation between critical illness rider and standalone policy?
  5. Can individual nominate his/her friends or employee as nominee in Mutual Funds?
  6. My Client bought flat for 30 lakhs in June 2011 and this month sold for 88 lakhs. How much of Capital Gains tax is he liable for?
  7. Is anybody raising invoices to AMCs for Service Tax?
  8. I am planning to buy “XYZ Software / Tool”. Any reviews / feedback on the same?
  9. Is anybody using MF Utility for Direct Plans with Clients. Are you getting the feeds properly?
  10. Has anyone started doing eKYC? How to go about doing the same?

ProMembers can get their queries related to practice management and client situation instantly with the help extended by other ProMembers.

Some of the rules around using NFP Exchange are;

  1. No Good Morning / Good Night messages
  2. No forwards not related to our profession / industry
  3. No personal wishes and no festival wishes
  4. When asking questions – be clear and complete
  5. No individual chatting with other group members
  6. No daily financial market updates
  7. No promotional or marketing messages
  8. Share only things which majority will find useful.

How can you join the groups?

Once you register as a ProMember, Network FP team will add you to the NFP Exchange Groups.