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Network FP has been organising events & conferences for financial planners since 2011. India’s top class practitioners have been sharing their wisdom, practice models and experiences on our platforms like Network FP National Conference, Knowledge Conclaves and MasterClasses.

Many of the session contents are evergreen in nature i.e. the wisdom shared holds good even today. Network FP team has carefully shortlisted such session videos from its past events and put it up for viewing for Network FP ProMembers.

Network FP Channel is especially very useful for those ProMembers who have registered recently and have not attended any events and programs in the past. Below are the archives of videos which are available to ProMembers which they can access by logging in with their username and password on this website.


List of Videos on Network FP Channel

Sr. No. Topic Speaker Event
1 Client First, Product Next Gaurav Mashruwala NFP Conference 2017
2 Special Address by AMFI Chairman A Balasubramanian NFP Conference 2017
3 The Making of a Real Professional Sandip Ghose NFP Conference 2017
4 Inaugural Address by SEBI Wholetime Member G Mahalingam NFP Conference 2017
5 Keynote Address on Conference Theme Ramdeoo Agrawal NFP Conference 2017
6 Keynote Session – Getting to the Heart of Client Expectations Marc Freedman NFP Conference 2017
7 Client Comes Next Vishal Kapoor NFP Conference 2017
8 Panel Discussion- Disruption in Distribution – India & Global Panel Discussion NFP Conference 2017
9 The Power of Visuals in Practice Gaurav Mashruwala NFP Conference 2017
10 Use of Micro Analytics by Advisors Manish Chauhan NFP Conference 2017
11 An Advisor’s Best Business Card Amit Trivedi NFP Conference 2017
12 You are not a Fund Manager P V Subramanyam NFP Conference 2017
13 Advice from Himalayas Advice from Himalayas NFP Conference 2017
14 Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs and Even Krishna were in “Sales” Yogesh Chabria NFP Conference 2017
15 5 Ideas on IFA to RIA Transition Brijesh Dalmia – Video Address NFP Conference 2017
16 Panel Discussion of RIAs – Fee-Based Model and Practice Transition Panel Discussion NFP Conference 2017
17 Panel Discussion of RIAs –  Technology and Compliance Panel Discussion NFP Conference 2017
18 Panel Discussion of RIAs – Opportunities and Challenges Panel Discussion NFP Conference 2017
19 The Making of a Successful Financial Planner Vivek Rege NFP Conference 2016
20 Network of Networks Amit Biwalkar NFP Conference 2016
21 Creating Content & Tools for Helping Investors Get Started Manish Shah NFP Conference 2016
22 Focus on Delivering Gamma Gajendra Kothari NFP Conference 2016
23 What Robo Advisors Cannot Do – Now & in Future C.R. Chandrasekar NFP Conference 2016
24  One to Many Kalpen Parekh NFP Conference 2016
25  Orientation Program – Financial Wellbeing Campaign Sadique Neelgund NFP Conference 2016
26 Its NOT about the Markets. Its about India. Karan Datta NFP Conference 2016
27 How Financial Advisors can Implement Yogic Wealth in their Practices Gaurav Mashruwala NFP Conference 2016
28  Customers by the Busload Shyam Sunder NFP Conference 2016
29 Unique Insights on Investor Behaviour in the Online World Sanjiv Singhal NFP Conference 2016
30 Simplicity Drives Adoption Rahul Parikh NFP Conference 2016
31 Global Innovations in Investor Awareness Initiatives Ashish Chauhan NFP Conference 2016
32 All Izz Well ! Aashish Somaiyaa NFP Conference 2016
33 Growing Beyond Yourself Mukesh Dedhia NFP Conference 2016
34 WhiteSpaces & Opportunities for Financial Advisors Sandip Ghose NFP Conference 2016
35 The Future of Regulatory Framework for Financial Advisors & Distributors A Balasubramanian NFP National 2015
36 Mind the Gap – Let’s Educate Clients on Investment Performance Gap Aashish Somaiyaa NFP National 2015
37 Simplest Strategy: Practice What You Preach. Promote What You Practice. Gajendra Kothari NFP National 2015
38 Positioning – Standout to Succeed Gaurav Warman NFP National 2015
39 Facts Tell, Stories Sell – The Art of Communicating with Investors Kalpen Parekh NFP National 2015
40 Operational Excellence Framework for Financial Advisory Firms Michelle Hoskin NFP National 2015
41 Video – Learning to Speak the Language of the Right Brain with Clients Ronald Sier NFP National 2015
42 These Boots are Meant for Walking Sujata Kabraji NFP National 2015
43 How to Build Trust & Tribe in the Online World Vishal Khandelwal NFP National 2015
44 Heuristics and Biases – The Impact on Investment Performance Amit Biwalkar NFP National 2015
45 How Finacial Advisors can Kick-Start Income Tax Filing/Advisory Practice? Arvind Rao NFP National 2015
46  Designing a Strategy to Build 100 Crore AuM in Mutual Funds Brijesh Dalmia NFP National 2015
47 The Super Efficient Advisor – How to be smart with your practice model Brijesh Dalmia NFP National 2015
48  100 to 1000 – Breaking the Mental Barrier Karan Datta NFP National 2015
49 Creating Client First Approach in Practice through Life Planning Lisa Kirchenbauer NFP National 2015
50 Financial Planning & Advisory for NRI Clients Lovaii Navlakhi NFP National 2015
51  Shariah Investment Principles & Ethical Investing  – Exploring Opportunities M S Shabbir NFP National 2015
52 How to Integrate & Work with Different Advisor Technologies – A Developed Market Perspective Michael Taylor NFP National 2015
53  Independent FA to Institutional FA Nikhil Naik NFP National 2015
54  Impact of Emerging Robo Advisory Business on Traditional Advisory Models Nitin Vyakaranam NFP National 2015
55 Retirement Planning & the UK Connection Ravi Virmool NFP National 2015
56 Creating, Demonstrating and Delivering the Value of fee-based Advice Roy A. Varghese NFP National 2015
57 Special Address – Role of Financial Advisors in Investor Education Programs Uma Shashikant NFP National 2015
58  Balancing the Art & Science of Risk Profiling – In Search of Right Way Vishal Dhawan NFP National 2015
59 Tools & Techniques to Compare and Recommended Financial Products Vivek Shah NFP National 2015
60  The  Money Value of Advisors Time Bharat Phatak NFP National 2015
61 Content & Marketing Strategy for Financial Advisors in Digital World Rohit Shah NFP National 2015
62  Best Practice Sharing by IFA Associations & Professional Study Groups Amit Trivedi NFP National 2015
63 Client Success Starts Here Ashish Goel NFP National 2015
64  Write Your Success – Handwriting Analysis and Graphology for Advisors Kanak Jain NFP National 2015
65 The Best Investment an Advisor Can Ever Make Major Ashish Chadda (Retd) NFP National 2015
66 Inaugural Address – Establishing Trust in Advisory with Investor Education Sandip Ghose NFP National 2015
67 7 Disruptive Innovation Trends Financial Planners and Advisors need to Gear Up for Sumeet Vaid NFP National 2015
68 Be in the Right Company Balvir Chawla NFP Conclave 2014
69 Overcoming the Top Objections for Paying Fees Chetan Chandaliya NFP Conclave 2014
70 Track Macro Indicators before Tracking Portfolios Deepak Shenoy NFP Conclave 2014
71  Managing the Trouble Making & Demanding Clients Dilshad Billimoria NFP Conclave 2014
72 Inaugural Session – Let’s Get Future Ready ! Gaurav Mashruwala NFP Conclave 2014
73  Little Nudges. Big Bridges Harish Rao NFP Conclave 2014
74 Clients for Life Kalpen Parekh NFP Conclave 2014
75 The Missing Link Karan Datta NFP Conclave 2014
76 Inaugural Session – Let’s Get Future Ready ! Lovaii Navlakhi NFP Conclave 2014
77  Building Trust in a Skeptical Online World Vishal Khandelwal NFP Conclave 2014
78  Crack it – Financial Planning for Businessmen Vivek Shah NFP Conclave 2014
79  Hi-Tech, High Touch Amit Bivalkar NFP Conclave 2014
80 Getting Real with Real Estate Anil Rego NFP Conclave 2014
81 Make Your Clients Measured Investors B Srinivasan NFP Conclave 2014
82 CFP on The Line That Defines Who You Are Bharat Phatak NFP Conclave 2014
83 Work Hard, Play Hard Christopher Louzado NFP Conclave 2014
84 Do Your Best & Leave the Rest ! Deepali Sen NFP Conclave 2014
85 Speak Up. Sign Up Gajendra Kothari NFP Conclave 2014
86 Networking with HNI Clients Madhur Todi NFP Conclave 2014
87 ORM – The New Art of Personal Branding Mitul Dadhania NFP Conclave 2014
88 Connect & Resolve the “Why” of Clients Prakash Lohana NFP Conclave 2014
89  Connect with Dreams… Not Numbers Rajendra Kalur NFP Conclave 2014
90 Focus on Fiduciary Rajesh Krishnamoorthy NFP Conclave 2014
91 Bridge the Gap Ranjit Dani NFP Conclave 2014
92 Digital Marketing 20 : 20 Sadique Neelgund NFP Conclave 2014
93 Brandnng of Independent Professionals Srikanth Bhagavat NFP Conclave 2014
94  Small is Beautiful Tarun Birani NFP Conclave 2014
95 Finding Your Way in the Technology Maze Uday Dhoot NFP Conclave 2014
96 Match Up to NRI Expectations Ujwal Marathe NFP Conclave 2014
97 Break Free for a Breakthrough Niraj Nanal NFP Conclave 2014
98 Smartphones: Get Smart with Your Phone Rajesh Chheda NFP Conclave 2014
99  Data is God! Sumeet Vaid NFP Conclave 2014
100  Personality – What’s your Type? Ajit Menon NFP Conclave 2014
101  Network FP Thinktank Apurva Gandhi NFP Conclave 2014
102 The Proof of Practice Survival Chenthil Iyer NFP Conclave 2014
103  Inaugural Session – Let’s Get Future Ready ! Sapna Narang NFP Conclave 2014
104 Behave Yourself ! Kalpen Parekh  Network FP Conference 2013
105 Practice in Tough Times ! Karan Datta  Network FP Conference 2013
106  Equties – Investment Processes Amar Shah  Network FP Conference 2013
107 The Psychology of Advisory Fees – Clients Willingness to Pay Fees Amit Trivedi  Network FP Conference 2013
108  You Have a Choice ! Brijesh Dalmia  Network FP Conference 2013
109  A Planner’s Role Does not End with Wealth Creation Gaurav Mashruwala  Network FP Conference 2013
110 Marketing of Wills & Estate Planning Services to Clients & Prospects Kartik Jhaveri  Network FP Conference 2013
111  Aiming for Nirvana – Getting100 % of Client’s Wallet Share Lovaii Navlakhi  Network FP Conference 2013
112 Service Offerings & Engagement Levels HNI & UHNI Segment Really Value Rohit Sarin  Network FP Conference 2013
113 Shifting Clients & Planners Focus from Investment Returns to Life Goals Sumeet Vaid  Network FP Conference 2013
114 Multi Year Engagement Model – New Approach to Build a Great Practice Suresh Sadagopan  Network FP Conference 2013
115  Alpha Comes from Being in the Right Beta Aashish Somaiyaa  Network FP Conference 2013
116 Communicating Through the Media Successfully – For Planners Udayan Ray  Network FP Conference 2013
117 Emerging Global Trends in Financial Advisory & Distribution Ajit Menon  Network FP Conference 2013
118 Changes in Advisory Business Globally due to Regulatory Changes Paul Resnik Network FP Conference 2012
119  Seminar Marketing: A Client Acquisition Strategy with Corporate Workshops Sumeet Vaid Network FP Conference 2012
120 Understanding & Implementing Wealth Management Index (WMI) in Planning K K Goel Network FP Conference 2012
121 Using Global Research & Findings to Succeed as a Financial Planner Shawn Brayman Network FP Conference 2012
122 Cracking the Code – Tactics that Drive Client Engagement and Growth Vishal Dhawan Network FP Conference 2012
123 P4 Program™: Four Steps to Hiring, Retaining & Growing Great Employees Yogin Sabnis Network FP Conference 2012
124 Developing a Model to Offer Wills & Estate Planning Services to Clients Sapna Narang Network FP Conference 2012
125 The Key Essentials for setting up NRI & Cross Border Practice – Untapped opportunities for Financial Planners Lovaii Navlakhi Network FP Conference 2011
126  Financial Life Planning – Introduction to the New Concept & Practice Parth Iyenger Network FP Conference 2011
127 Transitioning from a Product Seller to a Financial Planner – The Pains, Joys & the Golden Rules Suresh Sadagopan Network FP Conference 2011
128 The Journey Accomplished & the Journey Ahead – An Analysis of Fee-based Financial Planning Services in India Gaurav Mashruwala Network FP Conference 2011
129 Psychology of Practice Management-Identifying Patterns & Matching Wavelength Vivek Rege Network FP Conference 2011