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Network FP has done hundreds of advisor education programs & events over the last 5 + years. We have covered almost everything that an advisor needs to learn for running a successful practice. One of the biggest demand/request from the fraternity has been “now lets reach out to consumers and showcase our fraternity” and in the process also educate the masses.

With this background, Network FP launched Financial Wellbeing Camps in June 2015 and has got an amazing response from the fraternity, industry and also the consumers. Initially we had restricted the campaign to only Mumbai region. From April 2016 onwards, we have rolled out this campaign across India.   

We done 450 + Investor Awareness Programs (IAPs) in just over 2 years. You can check the schedule here and financial advisors who have organized them. Below are some of the organizations where these Camps have been held.

What are Financial Wellbeing Camps?

Financial Wellbeing Camps are a 1-2 Hour educational & interactive programs by personal finance experts & independent trainers organized in companies, housing societies, clubs, associations & colleges to educate the participants on achieving financial wellbeing and help them get started with basic tasks to manage their personal finances better, guide them towards creating wealth and fulfill life’s financial goals & dreams.

Who is supporting Financial Wellbeing Campaign?

FW Camps is a joint initiative of Financial Advisors, Mutual Fund Companies & Network FP (Financial Planners Network of India). The campaign is further supported by NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets), Outlook Money Publication and BSE Investor Protection Fund. Check the Supporters here 

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Participate in Campaign?

Network FP empanels financial advisors as “Personal Financial Experts” / speakers of FW Camps who meet the following eligibility criteria;

  • Qualification: CFP / QPFP / CFA / CA / CWM / CIWM / RFC / MBA / PG / NISM L1+L2*
  • Experience: 5+ Years as a Personal Finance Professional
  • Licenses: AMFI Registered Advisor OR SEBI Registered Advisor
  • Declaration: Commitment to Ethical Practices before, during & after the Financial Wellbeing Camps.
  • Membership: Should be a Network FP ProMember

* Other professional qualifications can be approved based on experience and expertise of the candidates.

How will Network FP help Financial Advisors in Camps?

Financial Wellbeing Camps is an end-to-end support platform for Financial Advisors to do Investor Awareness Programs (IAPs) successfully. Following is the support system we will be providing free of charge to Financial Advisors;

  1. Guidance: We give complete guidance on organizing Financial Wellbeing Camps and making it successful.
  2. Resources: We provide content required for delivering a Camp successfully like PPTs, Videos, Calculators, Images etc.
  3. Trainers: Provide qualified and competent Independent Trainers for delivering a program if required.
  4. Funding: Get Venue & Refreshments funding from AMC IAP budgets if required. Within the prescribed guidelines, rules and limits.
  5. Materials: Co-ordinate and supply AMC investor education materials. They have developed a lot of good materials which can be great takeaways for participants.
  6. Digital: We have developed a dedicated website for this initiative where each of the participating advisor’s profile get listed.
  7. Logistics: In Mumbai, complete event day logistics is taken care by Network FP team. For other cities, a financial advisor needs to have an assistant and is given full guidance.
  8. Branding: We provide all design works (with your logo) like standee, camp invite, brochures etc required to promote the campaign and also required during the event day.
  9. Monitoring: We monitor the camps pre-event, event day and post-event as per the policies and guidelines laid down by Network FP & AMFI/SEBI/AMCs.

Responsibilities of Financial Advisors in FW Camps

  • Get IAP Opportunities from their clients, contacts & associates
  • Deliver a session on Financial Wellbeing / Investor Awareness during their IAPs
  • Help participants get started with investments / mutual funds / insurance who show interest

How to join Financial Wellbeing Campaign?

One needs to first register as a Network FP ProMember. Then whoever is eligible and interested can empanel themselves as a Personal Finance Expert of the Campaign. The next set of empanelment process will take place in February / March after the National Conference. We will be scheduling a training / orientation program of the campaign during our Feb/March Monthly MasterClasses which can be attended by all ProMembers physically or virtually.

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